Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My First Promotion

Dear White Belt,

You have been a great companion of mine. I have had you since I started learning Kyokushin. And you have held up my spirit to do more and more, besides giving me the feeling of a firm and fervent grip around my waist while I learnt and swot and persevered to no end. You have made me feel that there's a lot more to a fighter than just the colour of his belt, and indeed, the depth of the dirt on you is a measure of how much I have learnt and imbibed.

I shall never wash you, for two reasons: firstly, you contain my spirit with which I have trained hard, both inside and outside of the dojo, and secondly, I must never wash you, for you are the keeper of my experiences. Thanks for being a very good friend of mine and a constant supporter.

Now, the time has come when you shall take up a special place in my hall of fame which, though small, is accommodating enough for the relics of my life. I hereby take you off my gi and place you among my other artifacts as I don the symbol of my next level of learning: the orange belt.

Though my belt examination was not as I had expected it to be, but nevertheless Senpai Syed considered me worth it, and though I have a lot to prove as a Kyokushin karateka, I shall not leave any stone unturned in my path towards perfection.

There is no adieu, my friend, for whenever I open the doors to the hall of fame, I shall chance upon you and remember the times we have been together, sweating and toiling away. Now it's time for you to rest and watch me progress ahead.

To my shiro-obi, OSU!



  1. I like to read your blog, wonderful expressions thru words ....
    Osu Abhishek !!
    First of all congrats for your achievement, i know exactly how it feels when you get upgraded. Keep it up & train harder. I know you can be the best !!!

  2. well said hope u hold on all tats dear to in life in the same way respect and rever all tats gud in life loved it ....keep on writing ....